Ted Danson

headshot of Ted Danson

Ted Danson is most well-known for his Emmy-winning role as Sam Malone in the television series "Cheers,” but few realize that over the course of the past two and a half decades, Danson has devoted himself to the cause of heading off a looming global catastrophe—the massive destruction of our planet’s oceans and the complete collapse of the world’s major commercial fisheries.

Ted grew up in landlocked Arizona, but he developed a love for the water through annual pilgrimages to visit family in California. Later, while living in Santa Monica during the 1980s, he saw a sign at the beach reading, “Water polluted, no swimming.” Having to explain the sign to his children was a wake-up call.

“Ocean conservation is rewarding because you absolutely can make a difference... the oceans are incredibly resilient”— Ted Danson on CNN.com

Shortly thereafter, Ted met environmental lawyer Bob Sulnick and become involved in a movement to prevent digging for oil wells in Santa Monica. He soon grew even more invested in the cause, helping to create the American Oceans Campaign in 1987, which eventually became Oceana in 2001.

In the last few decades, Ted has proven himself to be a dedicated ocean advocate and spokesperson. He has testified before Congress and worked with leading policymakers on ocean conservation issues. He currently sits on Oceana’s Board of Directors.

Michael D'Orso

Michael D’Orso is an award-winning author who has written 15 non-fiction books on subjects ranging from professional football to inner-city public education. His most recent book is “Eagle Blue”, (Bloomsbury, March, 2007).

Honors for Mike's work include the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, the New York Times Notable Book of the Year list, Newsweek Magazine's 2009 list of "50 Books For Our Times," the American Library Association's Nonfiction Book of the Year, selection among the New York Public Library's "25 Best Books of the Year," among others. Three of his books have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

His books have been featured or reviewed in The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe, among many others. He has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," C-Span's "Book TV," MSNBC and numerous National Public Radio programs.